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Return Policy

If for any reason you are not entirely pleased with any wine or services rendered on behalf of Finer Wines, please be sure to contact us by phone at 07 549 3463 or via email at

If you encounter any problem with receipt of goods ordered or experience damage to your order, please contact Finer Wines immediately, but no later than within 48 Hours to report the nature of the problem.  This is important so we are within the allowable time to file a claim with the delivering carrier if applicable.  Please note that no stock will be accepted or replacements issued without proir approval to return such merchandise.

We at Finer Wines endeavour to sell only wines which are in top condition and free from any quality issues or flaws.   If you find a wine which is unacceptable, we need to be contacted and will endeavour to satisfy you by providing a replacement bottle.  This usually requires we gain possession of the bottle in question.

Please note, however, that Finer Wines is not able to guarantee wines which are four years of age or older (from date of vintage), as there is no way to hold the producer accountable.   However, regardless of the vintage date on the bottle, we wish to be contacted and will try to reasonably accommodate any “rogue bottle” you may possibly encounter.

Excellent customer service and ultimate customer satisfaction are paramount to Finer Wines.  We will always do our best to make your shopping experience a positive one.